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True North Man

Jun 24, 2021

Clay Smeltzer is sometimes asked why he coaches men. The answer? He knows what it’s like to not have a purpose. For much of his life, he had “no d*** clue” who he was and was “faking everybody out” — himself the most. 

“I’ve been through the s***storm of sitting here on my couch, having a panic attack,...

Jun 14, 2021

Shea Taylor’s instinct to protect others and, as he puts it, to “beat up bad guys” comes in part from having been bullied himself. Growing up in Eastern Kentucky, he had a lot of health problems; as a high school freshman, he was 5 feet tall and weighed just 88 pounds.

“My dad was a high school janitor,” Shea...

Jun 7, 2021

When Dr. Benjamin Page was still a student in chiropractic college, he found himself internally nearing rock bottom. In addition to the stress of schooling and the overwhelm of deadlines, he struggled to navigate emotional problems and staying in the present moment felt near impossible. 

“I was kind of...