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True North Man

Jul 26, 2021

Many people wrestle with the thought they can either have great success in their careers or be good family men. Rob, your guest, differs in opinion, saying, “You can do both. It might take a little bit more effort, a little bit more focus, a little more prioritizing things, a little bit more intention, but at the end of the day, it's possible.”

Rob was troubled to see people struggling to make both ends meet. Whereas witnessing his grandfather accomplishing goals, making success, and balancing everything had been the greatest inspiration for him. He discovered it’s not your fame, success, and power impacting your life more than the legacy you create for others.

Rob Hook is a legacy coach, a financial planner. He turns out to be a very successful host of the ‘Contenders Wanted’ Podcast. A Contender in his podcast is one wanting the very best in life. As he says, “They’re a champion by not just being great in one area but a champion of life.”

In this episode of True North Man, Paul and Rob engage in an insightful talk, bringing to light what it needs to make a successful life without sacrificing your family, health, faith, and other valued possessions in life. Tune in to listen to and align those small disciplines and actions compounding into creating a legacy and a life worth living for you and your family.


What you will learn:

  • How do you determine what the purpose in your life is.
  • What builds a foundation to experience both success and legacy.
  • How you become more intentional in prioritizing things in life and find the essential tools to do that.
  • Why it’s important not to ignore your little purposes in life to create something grand out of it.
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“Legacy in my mind is the idea of creating a life worth living. It's about creating the future that you hope to have with your actions today.”

         - Rob Cook


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