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True North Man

Aug 9, 2021

Why do men and women differ when it comes to expressing emotions? Unlike women, most men tend to hide emotions. They are conditioned to believe that expressing their feelings is out of character with the male identity. However, suppressing emotions and feelings can be incredibly toxic and detrimental to a man’s mental health.

Jack strongly empathizes with men as he says, “There is a kernel of truth to the fact that men's needs are just not part of the picture these days.” He had been a social worker and always looked up to a healthy society with equity in the true sense. He always knew at the back of his mind that along with the male and female relationship issues, multiple social problems are cropping up for society’s lack of awareness of the gender issues of men and boys.

At present, Jack Kammer hosts two podcasts called Men Are Talking, where he interviews men and the other one is Goodwill Toward Men, in which he interviews women.

On this episode of True North Man, Paul and Jack delve deep into the core beliefs of gender identities of men and women, and consequent gender issues of men, how men have been conditioned to be masculine, their inhibitions in articulating their emotions, their suffering, and all leading to grave concern in society. Tune in to this episode to gain insight. 


What you will learn:

  • What kind of impact does a father's presence have in a family unit.
  • What are men’s needs in the current scenario, and how fulfilling those can level out a balance between the sexes.
  • Why the concept of work-life balance is relevant as much for men as it is for women.
  • How important it is for men to become vulnerable and vent out their emotions freely.
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“It’s not healthy for us to be big, strong, tough men all the time. The stress of being big, tough, strong men all the time is hurting us badly.”

-       Jack Kammer


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