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True North Man

Sep 6, 2021

If your body needs a daily workout to function at its best, exercising your brain can produce the same effective results. Today in this episode you meet Toby, who can help you enhance your brain performance with his vast knowledge in Brain Science and various advanced technologies.

Toby Pasman is a Neurophysiology Researcher, graduated from the University of Oregon. At present, he is a neurotechnician at FHE Health and a brilliant host of Roscoe’s Wetsuit Neuro Podcast, an applied Neuroscience show featuring raw, unfiltered conversations with researchers and clinicians. He also founded Roscoe’s Wetsuit Neuro, an applied Neuroscience company offering brain health coaching and Neuromodulation therapy to people who are interested in achieving that optimal cognitive functioning.

In this episode of the True North Man podcast, Paul and Toby have an insightful conversation in regard to Neuroscience, the therapies, how they are beneficial for men, and a lot more to engage your thoughts. Paul rightly points out saying, “Should there be men experiencing any kind of grogginess, fogginess, depression, anxiety, PTSD or anything to do with the brain, I have no doubt that there is some good wisdom dropped here.” Tune in to collect all of them now.


What You Will Learn:


  • Why Toby pursued his career in Neuroscience.


  • What diseases and psychological issues can be treated with Neuromodulation techniques.
  • How effective the treatment can be.
  • How your brain performance can be maximized with the technologies.
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“With these different Neuromodulation technologies, it can be super helpful to calm down the nervous system, allow the body and brain to get deep, restorative relaxation, which it really needs to repair itself and regenerate.”

-Toby Pasman


How To Get Involved:

Find Toby on LinkedIn or to get more information you can look for Roscoe’s Wetsuit Neuro where you can find his podcast episodes as well.


Discover all that Paul Beam has to offer through his Website here.


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