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True North Man

Sep 27, 2021

Is hunting a blood sport or a sport that’s in your blood? Unlike many, Robbie believes hunting is not merely killing animals. It’s something beyond that with a broader perspective. Men are natural hunters as he reminds saying, “If you go back in your lineage, someone had been a successful hunter for you to be here.” Whether you’re a non-hunter, new to the sport, or a seasoned pro, it’s hard to deny that “hunting is in our blood”.

Robbie Kroger is a scientist. A native to South Africa is now a proud American and a member of the hunting family. He founded a movement called Blood Origins, to reach out to more people and spread the truth around hunting. They’ve got incredible films that document many inspiring stories. While most hunting shows focus on the sport and the ultimate kill of the quarry, Robbie likes to portray the hearts of the hunters to the people. His podcast shows are a sort of smorgasbord of everything related to this sport.

In this episode of the True North Man podcast, Paul and Robbie talk about the importance of hunting, its positive aspects, what it does for wildlife and human life, and many interesting facts. Being a seeker after truth, your guest makes sure the non-hunters carry the right message from this conversation so as not to stick to any assumptions about hunters and their purpose of doing the sport. Tune in to know why there’s a need to humanize hunting.


What You Will Learn:

  • How hunting connects us to Nature.
  • What “Blood Origins” is all about.
  • Why there’s such a polarization around the topic of hunting.
  • How hunting is a tool to achieve conservation success.
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“There’s a sense of pride, a sense of adventure, a sense of discipline, a sense of accomplishment that comes with hunting, just like someone would experience when they climb a peak.”

        - Robbie Kroger


How To Get Involved:

Find Robbie on Facebook and Instagram and know everything about his Blood Origins through the Website.

You can watch the Blood Origins short films by clicking here.


Discover all that Paul Beam has to offer through his Website here.


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