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True North Man

Oct 11, 2021

What you might have skipped noticing about your workout sessions is, your daily small wins inside the gym can make you win a lot more outside of it. If you’re still not convinced, hear out some of the real experiences from a “fitness ninja” in today’s show.


Marc is here with his nineteen years of experience in the fitness industry. The outstanding results that his clients achieved over the years prove again and again that outcomes of exercises aren’t restricted to how much weight you lose, or what health benefits you make in the process. It has got much more to do with your life than you can even fathom!


Marc Zalmanoff is the owner of Marc Z Fitness and Nutrition that gives effective guidance to people in attaining an optimum level of fitness. What he takes as pride in working for this industry so long is his power to make a real difference in people‘s lives with his invented tools. Besides being a coach, he is an author and the host of The Make Good Choices podcast. His positive energy is infectious and is sure to make an impact on you the moment you come in contact with him.


In this episode of the True North Man podcast, Paul and Marc cover a lot more than just fitness and nutrition, that help you gain insight into the topic. Tune in now to know how living a healthy life can eventually lead to a happy life.

What You Will Learn:


  • What's the key to consistency in your daily workout.
  • Why you shouldn’t underestimate "regular brisk walking" as a game-changer in the long run.
  • How physical fitness makes you more productive in every sphere of your life.
  • Why people lack the motivation to work out and how they can outrun their excuses.


  • And much more!




Favorite Quote:


“I think a lot of us have the opportunity to be the generational curse breakers of our families. If you've come from a long line of poverty, obesity, alcoholism and whatever that seemingly has cursed your family for generations, every one of you can break that with your conscious efforts and actions.”



  • Marc Zalmanoff


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