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True North Man

Aug 17, 2021

How do you stay balanced when life throws you a curveball? Brian was left hopeless when his marriage broke up a decade ago. Filled with shame, forsaken, and terrified to lose everything, it wasn’t easy for him to bounce back. However, he did. Having experienced a deep transformation, a renewed faith, things changed within and around him for the better.

Dr. Brian Russell is an author, a professor of Biblical Studies, and a spiritual transformational coach. He is the founder of Deep Dive Spirituality a coaching program for pastors and spiritual leaders. His forthcoming book, Centering Prayer talks about silent, solitary practices before God that can turn your life around. He is also the host of The Deep Dive Spirituality Conversations podcast. Reading the Bible for the last 37 years, turned him into more than a master in it.

In this episode of True North Man, Paul and Brian engage in a rich conversation, deepening your understanding of the Scriptures, your relation to God, Faith and Spirituality, life in general, and much more. The discussion brings clarity to many of the baffling thoughts you might deal with. A believer or a non-believer, you are sure to win some valuables from this enlightening talk. 


What you will learn:

  • What dark phase of life Brian had been through after his marriage broke up and how he got over it.
  • How Brian opened himself up to deep experiences of inner healing by God's grace.
  • Why there is sin in this world even when God is all-powerful and good.
  • How you strengthen your belief in God.
  • Why every person should strive to become ‘the person you are created to be’ by the Lord.
  • And many more enlightening moments!


Favorite Quote:

“We're all redeemable if we open ourselves up to God. There is true, sanctifying grace that God gives to transform us and  help us to grow.”

-          Dr. Brian Russell


How To Get Involved:


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You can know more about his Centering Prayer book here and The Deep Dive Spirituality Conversations podcast here.


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