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True North Man

Sep 13, 2021

Experienced in working as a veteran firefighter and being a health freak, Gary never thought he would fall into cannabis and CBD until he investigated and found the “massive medicinal aspect to it.”

Finding nobody's talking about it, Gary started his podcast Good Dudes Grow, intending to educate people, help them understand the benefits of CBD products, breaking down the stigma around it. On interviewing physicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and several experts on his show, he has proven the fact again and again: “CBD and hemp products are not for potheads. It's not used as an addiction. It's very medicinal when you do it right and find the right product.”

Gary Roberts is the founder and CEO of Pure Body Zen, a company built around creating and selling the best quality CBD products that miraculously work to heal the body and mind uniformly. Losing his daughter and father in the same year to opioids, left a mark profound enough for him to start a wellness program and bring an end to addiction in society. Promises Recovery Centers, a nonprofit, is soon about to commence with its supportive programs to impact the community as a whole.

In this episode of the True North Man Podcast, Paul and Gary dive deep into the myths surrounding the world of hemp and its derivatives to bring to light some of the best features of hemp products and their natural remedies to physical and mental ailments. Gary gives every detail with the latest update on the products including the psychedelics, new stuff. Tune in to have an insight into this plant-based medication and its great impact in the present world.


What You Will Learn:

    • Why it’s important to purchase CBD products from the right sources and how they can be misleading otherwise.
    • How the products help your body recover and get back to functioning as it should do.
    • What kind of mental illness can be treated with the proper dosage of this plant-based medicine.
    • What impact Gary wants to create in the lives of veterans and first responders through this medication and why.
    • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“What CBD does is, it makes the body recover to bring itself back to a level homeostatic state.  In other words, it starts your own body's engine to repair itself.”

        - Gary Roberts


How To Get Involved:

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You can learn more about Pure Body Zen on their Website, on LinkedIn, and on Instagram.

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