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True North Man

Nov 30, 2020

Who do you lead in your own life? It might be as simple an answer as your kids or your church small group - but you are a leader. And if you’re leading without direction (or even without realizing it at all), then you could be doing so much more.


Justin’s passion for true leadership grew out of his time coaching others in the fitness space. He began to see the unfulfilled leadership potential in the men around him who lived without clear goals or healthy communities, and set out to help guide those men to take a lead role in their own lives and the lives of their families and communities through speaking and coaching.


On this episode of the True North Man Podcast, Paul and Justin tackle the role of healthy competition and purposeful goal-setting in cultivating strong leadership skills, the most impactful qualities you can have as a leader, whether on a large scale or small, and finding ways to connect with the men around you that lift everyone up together. Listen in to step into your God-given role as a great leader in every part of your life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What tends to happen when a man’s goal-oriented nature isn’t given a goal to go after (and what tends to fill that void)
  • Why leadership is not a solo endeavor, and how to lose the myth of the “lone wolf” mentality so you - and those you lead - can thrive
  • How to step up and set the goal or vision for the people you lead without turning into a dictator or undervaluing the strengths and needs of those people
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“The point of being a good leader is to help, like you're saying, elevate the people that you're leading. If you're not elevating them, if they're not getting better because of you leading them, then you're not leading them.”


  • Justin Kier


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Paul Beam is on a mission to use his experience, wisdom and purpose to uplift men of faith to reach their full potential and become who they were created to be.


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